Sunday, June 28, 2009

Off to the detour

This is a detour day. Stephen and I are actually heading to Paris, on American Airlines. But because I had some work in New York City (New Jersey actually), it made more sense to detour on the way oversees and see the big apple for the weekend.

And, as ironic as life sometimes becomes, this detour to New York involved a detour!

Evidently some weather conditions over NY prevented any planes from departing or landing at JFK airport. So our lovely fast flight from LAX to NYC involved 90 minutes of circling Detroit while waiting for an open slot. But after all that, NY decided to make us land. The flight attendants had already run out of champagne (and I wasn't about to mix drinks and switch to something else).

We pull into Detroit airport and find a really nice and modern facility. We had dinner at a retro-diner and boarded the plane (after another 2.5 hours on the ground). We took off and had a totally smooth landing in NY. Not a cloud in the sky.

Checked into the Marriott Courtyard on 5th and 40th. Great location - Not in the burgeoning Time Square Crowd, but still within a 10 minute walk from all that fun.

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